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...profanity furnishes a relief denied even to prayer. --Mark Twain. Gotta love it.

So it's been one of those days... Kinda the missing home/this is probably culture shock/this sucks kinda days.

It started out fine, woke up at 10AM naturally, stayed in bed, got up when I was hungry. Then it spiraled down. Turns out Verizon's fucking me-my parents over having changed up my international plan and charging my parents over $700 for every little roaming thing I did this month. Problem: they didn't charge us outrageously last month. You know, when I started my little roaming trip?

Then as I'm learning this awful debacle, my phone cuts out. Conversation kaput, I think it's just what happens once in a while, like when you get on an elevator. Nope. Tried to call outside and I got a Korean number! The hell... So Verizon's decided to change our plan on us without our say-so. Fuckers.

Kay, I'm frustrated with the phone company, but hey no biggie. We can deal with it and we're not paying their trumped up bill. I go to get food and Cafekkini (main dining in SK Global) is out of their traditional Korean food. Again... Yeah, I have no idea. I really wanted gyudon, but I'll settle for a sandwich since I'm not into eating a whole pizza by myself (the only thing they had available, and come on, really? You have Italian but no Korean?) They recommend the Club sandwich. Future reference, their sandwiches are all messed up. They prefer egg, mayo, hot-spicy stuff, cucumbers, a bunch of weird things in various manners. But I've tried a couple convenient store stuff and they're edible, I figure I might as well.

Yeah--no. It's egg, ham, tomato, raw onion, and lettuce. I'm starving, I finish down the first half despite the funny taste and onions. I figure I'm trying new things, right? I can't stomach the second half though, even when I take off the onions... I wonder why and take it apart to find a weird-ass sauce sunk into both sides of breed. I have no idea what it is but it just tastes gross... I got the sandwich because they said it wasn't spicy. Next time, I'd go for spicy.

Except I'm never buying sandwiches there again. I didn't like it, couldn't finish it, and wasted 6,900won on it! Damn expensive crap. Gah! I hate wasting money...

I decide to make myself feel better and try video games today. I'm cautious with the electronics since plugging in my laptop for the first time caused minor sparkage. So I take the power cable, plug it in in the lounge with my converter and a-okay. Turn off converter, plug in power box (without plugging in to X-box) and I hear a little poof of air. Weirded out. Turn off converter, unplug box and smell ozone? Very weird. Cautiously replug--nothing. Maybe just a small thing like with my laptop? Nope. Finally plugged in the X-box: no power. I think it fried my power box! Damn wiring... They have a fucking TV and cable plugged in the same thing with no problems! What the hell! Good thing I didn't have my X-box attached otherwise I would've anticipated a lot more damage.

Grab my GameBoy, relax with Pokemon for an hour when it starts to die. Okay, no problem, plug in charger right? Wrong! Got zip, zilch, nada. Whereas my X-box's power box probably fried, my GameBoy isn't getting anything at all! What the fuck!

Then my Internet decides it's one of those times when it goes kaput for no reason. It's not my laptop's fault, our LAN just does that once in a while. It's fucking unstable.

Someday I intend reading it. - Quote by Groucho Marx. You know I really like this guy, he's funny~ Have to wiki him. And isn't that sad that my spell check didn't underline 'wiki'?

Let's see... Day 23? in Seoul! Woohoo!

Here's my basic schedule, only needed 9 credits minimum, but decided to go with 12... That meaning I'm only taking 3 classes! Yes!

Monday: Korean 4-6PM
Tuesday: Conflict and Cooperation 10-12PM, Korean *
Wednesday: Philosophy in Lit. 1-2PM, Korean *
Thursday: C&C 9-10AM, Korean *
Friday: P'n'L 1-3PM, Korean *

I rather like my schedule~ Leaves lots of time for me to do extracurricular stuffs and whatnot. Unfortunately it's flippin' cold out! Yeesh... No more snow, so I guess that means the humidity's gone up. But when that wind picks up it drops about oh... 5-10 degrees? When it started in the 30's thereabouts? Yeah, not fun to wander around in.

Thankfully I have other little things to be doing, like studying and eating with friends and playing around online... Just until it's warmed up enough that going out is actually enjoyable without wearing three or four layers.

Had a Korean quiz today, did alright, pretty good for the class I think. Got two sections perfect, but the entire class missed something here or there for the dictation. And man, so many sounds sound the same and then they complicate the spelling a bit... It's kinda half listening and half memorizing the rules for this...

My roommate's pretty cool, quiet and kind. Haven't made much of an impression really, but better than a rude, loud one yeah? Need to decide a few things for this weekend's excursion. Rumor has it the weather will be warmer so I'm considering looking for cutesy stuff for Sidney and Sienna. They've got some Disney paraphernalia here but I'd rather get them something purely Korean to show off or make a keepsake or something... Dunno. Maybe I'll e-mail Sherie and ask what objects they'd like.

Listening to In the Mix on this Live365 channel and while I can't find Sacramento radio on my regular radio sites (no access in Korea, wtf?) this stuffs alright. Kay, need to get to list making so I'm at least doing something a little productive right now~

See ya,

Quote by Groucho Marx. What a great name, you know?...

Let's see, we landed in Korea on the... 20th? The night of anyway. Then 9 days of February, plus up to the 5th day in March, so... 14-no 15th day in Seoul, South Korea! Woohoo, go maths skillz~

Still haven't turned Google back into English, but at least Yahoo makes that easy. I've gone to two classes so far, had one Friday and one today. The language class on Friday was just to sign up for beginner level class, for me anyway. Some were more advanced and took a test... and then were still put in beginners classes. XD Some of them, I think.

But my god! The Korean language has so many vowels! Here's Japanese: ah, ee, uu, eh, oh (a, i, u, e, o). That's it. The Koreans? Ten. Freakin' 10! English: a, e, i, o, u. And sometimes y. Do you see why I liked Japanese? Because even in English the vowels can have different sounds, and I'm not going to bother to count them all here, and maybe we have more than 10, but still... Ah foreign languages, how you-make-a-pain in my mouth~ @.@;; I just imagined Peanut from Jeff Dunham saying that...

I've been working up on my movie knowledge when it's night and I'm exhausted but it's still too early to sleep (ie 5-8ish). So far, I've re-watched a couple Disney movies while I was feeling nostalgic and then moved on to super-flicks: Thor and Captain America. Tried to find any Avengers stuff but YouTube sucks at labeling their trailers, it's all the same one, really!

Oh, and my Internet keeps going in and out, no idea why... Just take out the cord, put it back in, and it works fine again... I don't get it. Good thing typing this doesn't need a consistent stream like watching movies does...

So my three textbooks for KLI (short for where the language classes are) are about $68. Total, for all three. Woohoo! Yes! And my Literature class? The one you'd think would have a lot of reading? Get a copy of the articles he wants us to read at the copy room in building, costs a couple bucks. That's it. Can you say, 'score'?

Man, I'm still getting used to the fact that it's Monday... Have a couple of things to do this week, but otherwise... It's down to the classroom grind Mon-Fri and then figuring out where to go cheaply on the weekends. Thankfully it only costs a couple dollars to ride the subway anywhere in Seoul. So cool~

Still have to upload a bunch of pictures. Guess I'll have to get used to Facebook... Damn social networking... Bah! I'll make more use of this journal now that I have something to really talk/rant about.


Jaa ne! See you later!



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Ben 10: Alien Force
Wolverine and the X-Men
X-Men: Evolution

Charlie Bartlett
Chronicles of Riddick
King Arthur
Pirates of the Caribbean
Pitch Black
Repo! The Genetic Opera
Resident Evil
Sherlock Holmes
Sky High
X-Men (Trilogy+Origins)

Breakout Kings
Criminal Minds
Doctor Who
The Glades

Video Games
Assassin's Creed
Zelda: Twilight Princess

None of us is as smart as all of us.

quote by Ken Blanchard. This guy never met my team. Otherwise, he'd have a different opinion.

So my Philosophy group sucks. Excuse me, sucked. Past tense. Presentations over, never have to meet with them again.

By the way, it's a five person group, I'm the only girl. I don't know if that's any indicator but... Anyway, we were essentially a three man group. Will is a part of the theatrical play production on campus and was busy all week and the weekends (of the two weeks we were allowed for this assignment) so he was practically useless because he never checked his e-mail and lost his phone charger the Saturday night (partying till 2 in the morning for the final production of the play, two nights before our presentation date) and of course, your phone doesn't last more than several hours without a charger does it? Motherfucker. I don't understand why his phone was dead Sunday, he couldn't find it all day despite the fact that I know there's only so many places you could legitimately leave a phone charger in the theater department?

Fuck it.

But Jeremy is a quiet little mo-fo. Apparently he's always off in his own head, eyes glazed over and mouth open. I swear he's constantly high. I have no idea... He met with the first group meeting, but provided nothing information-wise and also didn't contact anyone.

I will admit, I didn't e-mail the group for the first half week because I didn't know who they were and was busy with other courses. But when I did e-mail them (Why the fuck didn't they e-mail me first anyway? What says the girl has to be the leader?) I barely got a response till a day and a half later. Yeah. Got the group together but had to fucking wait for them to bother. Seriously? They were like that the entire time...

Then Jeremy decides to let me know that he's doing volunteer work, some school things, all weekend. As in he didn't show up for Friday's class, didn't e-mail anyone with anything he could've come up with or really wanted to be involved, and didn't respond to group e-mails till the day of the presentation. Admittedly, admittedly, he came up with a pretty neat looking and clever powerpoint. That's what I assigned him. I'm pretty sure Matt and Cory would've let him float and do nothing. Motherfucker.

We get graded on this as a group people. Fuck all if three people are going to do all the fucking work. Ah, and Cory, Matt? Those two were the only ones I was in real contact with and we only had two meetings. They had some pretty good ideas and I thought things were going well. They weren't the most coherent of folks, and I put that to not getting their thoughts on paper Sunday night.

Imagine my surprise when they're exactly the same in the presentation? Incoherent and even sometimes irrelevant? Seriously people, did you even read the fucking story? My God, it's not that difficult. Yes, it was forty pages; yes, you probably shouldn't have picked it if you're going to spend less than ten hours on it (of the two week allowances), but hello? We separated it out by tens. And I gave Jeremy the powerpoint. We should've been fine.

Alright, alright... Matt wasn't exactly terrible, but he got off to a bad/awkward start in the presentation where he went almost straight into discussion without doing his part of the summary. Corwin stopped him eventually, and I finished my part of the summary. And Matt redeemed himself for the most part by the end of it all.

But Cory has some really fucking misplaced confidence. We're going to nail this, he says. Bullshit, I had to stop myself from doing his part for him and I barely understood all of it, though I know I would've done better. Jesus Christ... He can ramble forevah and then gets irritated when the Professor interrupts them to do a question. Yeah, it's called a discussion, you were supposed to pose the question to the class not to yourself. Seriously? He had the gall to be irritated. When he was rambling for ten minutes, 'um's and 'like's galore, without getting to something.

And when I hint during said Professor's discussion that maybe he should just do his question when it comes back to him, he says he was going to before the Prof interrupted. Seriously. Wow. You are amazing in your obliviousness dude. I have to say at least when he finally got the question out he was quiet for almost the rest of the damn thing. Which is good cause we had little over fifteen minutes left of a fifty minute presentation after two people talked discussion questions.


I really hate group work. I always feel like I'm saving our asses. Oh, and I don't anticipate a great grade for the class. I hated my mid-term assignment because it was too short, turned in late, and had the damndest time coming up with information in the lingo that is our textbooks from the last century. And then my group pulls this shit. Fuck all.
Funny quote from Letty Cottin Pogrebin, an American writer and journalist.

It's so nice to be home~

Just lazing about with the dogs and the family, watching T.V. Still woke up at about 9:30, but that's not bad considering I usually wake up just before 8AM. Watched "Due Date" with RDJ, who is absolutely awesome!, and laughed all morning. Good times. Had really good simple tacos from Alberto's.

Had all four dogs in the bed last night, and they kept me nice and warm. Two dachshunds on one side, and the beagle and mix on the other.

... I love my family~


Quote by Unknown.

Alright, so my classes for next Spring are:

Elem Chinese - MTWTh - 8:15-9:05AM
Interm Japanese - MTWThF - 12:45-1:35PM
Comparative Philosophy: Asian Thought - MWF - 2:00-3:05PM

Multi-Cultural Communication in the US - TTh - 10:05-11:20AM
Yoga - TTh - 2:00-2:50PM

Total of 17 credits. Not bad, hopefully the Yoga will help me relax despite it's $65 fee. The Language class fees are also $10 each, so a total of $85 extra.

I think I'll ask Mom to put some of my Christmas gift money towards them... >.>

Civil disobedience is not our problem.

"Our problem is civil obedience." Quote by Howard Zinn. Because this is basically what I've been saying since high school.

It's about time the 2012 Apocalypse came calling a year or two early I think.

You know, there's been a couple people panicking about our nation turning to a socialist environment, and since we pride ourselves on being democratic and capitalist both of which we are not this is obviously a bad thing. To them. Me, I don't mind socialism because just like every other form of politics or economics, humans will fuck it up. That said, I don't mind the ideal socialist theory because of its legal definition. Dictionary.com states socialism is "a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole." And hey, since capitalism has turned a small population obscenely rich and the rest downright poor/lower-middle class, turning the property and profits over to the community isn't such a bad idea.

... The only problem then, is that the United States will never encroach upon this ideal since the defined 'community' to them means the government. And don't even get me started on how we fucked up communism...

Another note, as I'm living in California I've decided that even though it makes me angry and hopeless I'm going to pay attention, and register while I'm here, to the candidates for Governor because what the fuck do the other guys do anyway?. So far, I'm hating Meg Whitman and Poizner a little because I find her the least strong candidate. She flipped on the immigrant policy, first denouncing Arizona then supporting it when she dropped in the polls. She has essentially bought the Republican Nominee with her millions of personal money from being CEO of eBay lucky bitch, wants to suspend Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, promises to not increase taxes (so we're broke and not making money--GREAT), and believes legalizing marijuana is the worst idea she'd ever heard. Yea, so she doesn't want the state to make truckloads of money off of taxing the harmless plant. Smart. Bitch.

Poizner was out due to not putting as much money to it, but it's not like he did much better with the 'attack ads'. I'd really rather candidates state their own beliefs and promises than slander each other, but whatever floats their boat... Anyway, he was strong on immigration problems and liberal in spending, which would've helped us out immensely, and pro-choice (and I think gay marriage?), which rocks. A pro-choice Republican? Holy shit, it's like the apocalypse is coming...

If you remembered my first bit, good for you~ He supported Arizona, and was the only candidate to truly do so, sadly enough. I wish stats were made public about this issue instead of falling into the Black Hole of Information. For example, a couple months ago is was known that due to population increase California was forced to build a school a week in order to accommodate for the illegal immigrants and their fucking free education. Now, we are building a school a day.

This is so out of control it's scary... Hopefully, people will be pissed enough that something will get done about it, because that is honestly where our money is all going. To the sanctuary cities and illegal immigrants--ie. criminals--who have no right to be here and to drain our resources. Hey, many people bleeding heart liberals may not believe this, but a grand majority of the immigrants coming here are not here to work. They are here to have kids and for the drug trade. Usually not in that order.

But what the fuck. Worse comes to worse, I can gradually move my way North and East, and I'll stop hearing about it. Maybe not. Considering Ofuckingbama's policy about it all. I can't believe that man and the democrats fucking stood and applauded the Mexican President denouncing Arizona on our soil. What the fuck. What happened to our national pride and sense of camaraderie? When the Dixie Chicks announced internationally on their tour that they didn't like President W. Bush, they got hell for it.

The President of Mexico--who is more than happy to receive a majority of his country's revenue through immigrants in the US sending money back to Mexico--should never have been allowed to talk on the subject at all. We should've at least shown a united front... So much for bipartisanship, assholes.

Anyone who paid the fuck attention would know that there is a genuine problem with crime, high speed chases, and drugs in Arizona, 100% of which is because of illegal immigrants. Bleeding heart liberals--please shut the fuck up about giving those bastards citizenship.

Gah, I always get a dirtier vocabulary when it gets later at night... Anyway, yes, 2012, apocalypse.

Can't wait.
... when there's evidence of any thinking going on inside it." Quote from Terry Pratchett, just for kicks really. I like it.

Bah... I'm feeling incredibly lazy and disinterested today. Not that I'm not uninterested in doing what I feel like, but it makes me feel ADD and the real things that I want to do require my rp partners to get the fuck online once in a while.

Hell, I work from 5:45-8:45 MT and 2-6 on Sundays, and my buds are both one and two hours ahead of me, so it's not like I can really play after work with them. They seem to have decent bedtime hours... Unlike myself. I still toss and turn at three in the morning, entertaining myself with stories and trying to fall asleep hopelessly. Yea... I tried to sleep at eleven last night. Didn't really work. Still stayed up blearily till three AM. Not fun.

Fff... And my doc's prescription order still hasn't come in through the sucky mail system, so I can't go to a Salem hospital yet... This is gonna suck... And it's all their fault for not having fucking compatible computer systems. Such a hassle! I could easily bring my laptop, log on to whatever and show them, "THIS is the Northern CA region of Kaiser, here's my prescription order~ <3 Gimme."

But they require paper evidence. That feels so wrong at this time in the technology driven world...

Anyway. Those are the few annoying things in my life. Still like my classes, though I feel incredibly unmotivated for my South Asia class just because even if I read the material he's gunna go off on a tangent that has absolutely nothing much to do with what he told us to do and yea... It's annoying.

Still like Keaveney-sensei, Itomitsu-sensei can be pretty funny sometimes as he mimes our mistakes and shows us how certain things don't work ("Kanku-san o kaimashita ka?!? o.o Sou desu ka..."/Translation: "You bought Kanku-san? Is that so?..."), Professor Bishop is cool but I wish I had a more interactive class, since when are people shy? These are mostly sophomores and juniors, what's with the silence? I've balanced my answering questions so that I don't look dominating, but jeez... It's really easy material, people! And Osmera... He teaches the South Asia class. I kinda feel bad, he attempts to be funny at times and it's just sad because he speak softly, slowly, and just tends to bore me. The subject itself is okay, but his voice and manner makes me want to doodle. ... Or something.

... Bah, I have to eat at Dillin soon... You know, I've got way too much money on my ID card, maybe I'll just buy a sandwhich. The cafeteria has such weird stuff sometimes...

See ya~

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